DaaS: A New Trillion-Dollar Industry Almost Nobody Sees Coming

Key Points

  • DaaS (Diagnosis as a Service) will spawn an entirely new generation of marketable medical services worth trillions of dollars that most investors do not yet see coming.
  • The addressable market is hundreds of millions of people in the US alone. Billions worldwide.
  • Only a handful of companies are worth your attention.
  • 3 starter stocks and 1 specialized ETF to get you started


I’m incredibly fortunate.

I wake up every day and get to do something I love – helping everyday folks find and profit from the best and most promising investment opportunities I can find.

It’s times like the present that can really make a difference.

The situation we’re living through now reminds me of the Roaring ‘20s – as in the 1920’s - a period when the world came roaring out of the depths of the last pandemic and enjoyed unprecedented growth.

People forget their history which, of course, means they’re totally unprepared for the future.

The so-called Spanish Flu (1918 - 1920) set the stage for previously unimaginable medical advances, new technology, and even creative arts. Henry Ford’s production lines, for example, changed manufacturing forever. Quick frozen foods debuted. We got the Band-Aid, the electric blender, TV and the traffic signal among other things. Insulin was used for the first time. Immunizations reduced diphtheria and penicillin was discovered.

That’s why I am writing to you today to talk about something I believe could change the way medicine works. And, in doing so, usher in an entirely new form of marketable services worth trillions of dollars over the next decade.

The vast majority of investors have no idea this is coming because they can’t think BIG enough.

DaaS is the kind of opening and opportunity that comes along once in a blue moon.

I am talking about tapping into the first major change in medical treatment in the last 2,000 years. I am also talking about adding to your winners.

Imagine Apple in 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Microsoft’s CEO at the time, Steve Ballmer, made one of the greatest gaffs in history when he laughed at it and was openly derisive. Yet,the iPhone changed the game, and our world is better for it.

Apple stock is up a jaw dropping 2,911% since.

Or, Amazon in 2006 when the company began offering IT infrastructure services to business customers, a precursor to today’s cloud computing that helped the company move beyond books. By 2015, it was a multi-billion-dollar business that changed how the world thinks about and uses technology. It’s still growing by double digits today.

Amazon stock has appreciated a life-changing 8,900% since.

DaaS is not a shot in the dark.

Investing now is about ushering in entirely new forms of preventative medicine that will be on par with or even bigger than the iPhone and Amazon Web Services combined. It’s the kind of thing the world’s greatest investors do and why they want to get their money there first.

Best of all, the industry is still early days which means you’ve got a real opportunity to get in early.

Now, I’ve said my piece.

If you’ve ever kicked yourself for missing out on a trend even though you knew it would be ginormous and swore up, down and sideways that you won’t miss the next one, this is your chance.

There is one catch.

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It’s your move.

If you’ve ever kicked yourself in the butt because you’ve failed to recognize the next big thing, this is your chance to latch on to a trend that 99% of investors don’t see coming even though the groundwork is being laid today right in front of their very eyes.

DaaS is a new trillion-dollar industry in the making. Folks who do not jump on board could get left far behind if history is any indication.

Get my favourite three “starter stocks” plus a specialized ETF that could position you and your money for the years ahead.

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